Top 5 Spots To Visit in Sevilla

Sevilla, view from Las Setas

Sevilla (or Seville if you're saying it in English) is one of our favorite places to visit in Europe. There aren't many spots I have revisited in Europe, but Sevilla is one of them, and I wouldn't think twice of going back. It was one of John's favorite cities to visit and now it has become one of mine. I have so many suggestions for many of the cities I have visited, but because both John and I have the most experience here, I figured I'd start here first. So here are my top five spots to visit in Sevilla, written by a big fan of the city.

Plaza de España 

Plaza de España 

This was the first stop I ever visited in the city. If you're staying in the center it's a fairly short walk outside of the "old city". You get to see some of the real streets and people. The plaza is located in Parque de Maria Luisa, and surrounded by other parks so you will see a very lively area no matter what time of the day you visit.
Parque de Maria Luisa
walls of all the provinces

bonds and bridges of the plaza
It was built for the World Fair of 1929 that was hosted in Sevilla. It is suppose to represent Spain and all of the provinces. Each are illustrated in the walls as you walk around. With it's beautiful colors, ponds, bridges, benches and walkways, it is an astounding artwork to behold. Not to mention it was the city of Theeds in the planet of Naboo in Star Wars: Episode II  Attack of the Clones. Oh yes, it was!

Las Setas

Las Setas

I first saw Las Setas (translated to The Mushrooms in English) or also known as Metropol Parasol, when John visited the first Summer we started dating. I remember thinking how different it looked and was kind of confused by it too. Mostly because I didn't understand what it was for. The area used to be an old parking lot that did not do much for the city, and is now a very cool spot to see the city from above, as you walk around the path built on the setas. I recommend visiting during sunset as it makes for a very magical photos!

John on the walking area above Las Setas

view from Las Setas of La Giralda and Cathedral


If I could revisit one spot in Sevilla right now, I would pick this one. Mostly because I feel like there was not enough time to see and admire the beauty of it. It was a palace built for the king of Spain of that time period. Today it is regarded as one of the World Heritage Sites.
ceiling details inside
The palace is absolutely breathtaking. The rooms are decorated with lively colors and designs from the influence left behind by the Moors that ruled the area. This influence can be seen in much of the Iberian peninsula which Sevilla is a part of. You will get to see halls, palace rooms, gardens, and probably a few peacocks. There is also a maze that John decided to run away from me in. Yeah, that happened. haha I don't think I have enough words to describe how beautiful this location it is, so here are some photos, but definitely do yourself a favor and visit.

view of the maze (bottom left of photo) and gardens 
one of the beautiful peacocks roaming the area

Oh, and another fun fact: many shots from the city of Dorne in Game of Thrones Season 5, were shot inside the palace.

my photo of the gardens was taken inside that long wall on the left - source:

La Giralda \ Catedral de Sevilla

La Giralda
Starting this section with a did you know fact for you. There is a building in downtown Chicago, called the Wrigley Building that was modeled after La Giralda. The original is a bell tower within the Cathedral de Sevilla, or the Seville Cathedral. The entrance to the Cathedral gets you access to the tower. I would recommend visiting both for the history of both and the beautiful orange courtyard, but the tower was quite the experience.  Inside the Cathedral you will also find th tomb of Christopher Columbus. There is no elevator in this grand tower, so to get to the top you go up 35 segments of inclined sections. As you can see in my vlog, it was a good cardio experience for me. However, once at the top you get to see the bells of the tower as well as a 360 view of Sevilla. You can see pretty much everything mentioned in this post from above.
view from La Giralda towards the Alcazar
orange courtyard within the Cathedral
tomb of Christopher Columbus

Puente De Isabel II

view from Triana of the bridge

Not sure if most "top things" articles for Sevilla would mention the Bridge of Isabel II, but I have a few reasons why I'm including this. To start off: the name. I was obsessed with anything that had my name, and sometimes my last name, in Sevilla. Trust me, there were a lot. The second reason, is the view. You get a scenic view of the city of Sevilla with it's river, that is said to be where Christopher Columbus departed from in his voyage in 1492. In this view you also can see Torre De Oro (translated to Tower of Gold) which is another tower that sits along the Guadalquivir River Canal. If you have more time, on the West of the bridge you will have the town of Triana. It is a quirky neighborhood, and walking along Calle Betis can be very romantic at night with the restaurants that can be found along it.

John and I on the bridge, on our latest visit to Sevilla

I could write a book's worth of information on Sevilla and on things to do, so I'll leave my other suggestions for other posts, but let me know if you have any questions. Personally, Spain as a country has made me fall in love with it. So I would gush over any of the cities I have visited, but Sevilla holds an extra special place and I consider it another home. If you're planning to visit, please let me know and I hope this quick guide helps in any way! 

Also, here is the link to my vlog from our latest trip to Sevilla!

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