Five Chicago Favorites

We just celebrated one year since moving to Chicago, and I thought it would be a good time to share/recap a few favorites of our new home city. Before moving, I saved places constantly - from restaurants, shops, salons, and attractions. Of course, all with the very important question in mind: Are they Instagram worthy? There are so many places to see in the city so here are my top five favorite spots in Chicago from this past year.

Restoration Hardware / 3 Arts Club Cafe

Oh yes, the famous interiors store with it's beautiful Cafe. You have probably seen Restoration Hardware stores in many photos online, and will probably recognize the 3 Arts Club Cafe as well. However, not to be biased but Chicago RH's is probably the most beautiful one I have seen. With the building's many levels looking down on the Cafe, you get some amazing views while eating some savory meals. Beware of wait times for the cafe though as it's a hot spot in the city! Oh, don't forget to go to the rooftop for a city view.


I'm including Cafecito because this is the easiest and quickest way a Cuban like myself can get a taste of home. There are a few locations in the city but they are always busy. Grab yourself a cafe con leche (simplified for you as a  sweet "latte" - the Cuban way) and a Palomilla(a delicious sandwich with steak and potato strips - my mouth is watering just typing this!). Which are my favorite go-to guilty pleasures.

Sprout Home

I had to include my favorite plant shop in the city. It has given me my beautiful birds of paradise plant for a nice price. Sprout has pretty much any plant you want, are very knowledgeable on them and will most likely have one in your price range. Perfection!

Miuti Nail Salon

As you may know, I have started a no chip/gel manicure relationship this past year. I have tried some salons and am now currently faithful to Miuti. It's not too close to the city, but it's worth it. The salon itself is decor perfection, while the service has been a pleasure. They pride themselves on great work and try to make your experience the best possible. Plus no judgement for getting the same white or black polish every time I go!

Wicker Park

I'm cheating with this one and adding a few favorites in one. If I have a free day to go to the city, you will most likely find me in the Wicker Park/Bucktown area.  My favorites stores and hair salon (Epoch Hair Studio Salon) are located here. If you must visit a few spots, please check the very aesthetically pleasing Gather Home + Lifestyle store. It was my #1 spot to visit before moving here and now has become a must visit every time I'm in the area. My wardrobe is now filled with refreshingly simple pieces from Marine Layer, as well as ultra modern pieces from Oak + Fort. I have a few vlogs (here + here) from my adventures in this area and I'm sure there will be many more to come! And for a quick bite, please do yourself a favor and visit En Hakkore 2.0.

I know this list is probably no surprise to many of you, but I wanted to share in case you were visiting Chicago and needed some places to visit. It will be very interesting to see what my new favorites will be a year from now since I'm definitely a creature of habit.

Do you have any favorite Chicago spots I should check out? Leave them below.
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