Favorite Ways to Stay Active During Quarantine

Since we have now been quarantined for almost two months, I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to stay active at home.

Zwift - No secret this is my go-to way of working out at home. We got a bike trainer in the beginning of quarantine and have been loving using it with Zwift. We can do workouts, participate in races, join special events, and ride with friends virtually.

Running - I currently have a daily 5k run streak going and it has been a good way of going out and enjoying some fresh air (or cold, rainy air). I have kept my runs at least 3mi during quarantine, as I didn't want to stray too far from home during all of this. I've also tried for them to be pretty easy overall as we all need our immune system to be in tip top shape, and hard workouts can stress your body. I try for them not to be boring, so I change the routes, the time of day, take Wilson, change shoes, try a new music playlist - anything to keep my entertained.

Instagram Workouts - I'm sure you've seen everyone on Instagram suddenly becoming fitness gurus and posting workouts. I've saved posts, IGTV, and IG Lives of great workouts I've seen or done. I bought some resistance bands earlier this year and have loved adding some saved workouts using them. They can be hard but soo good! My favorite accounts are Kira Stokes (Candace Cameron, Ashley Graham, and Shay Mitchell's trainer) and Cara Loren (a beautiful mom, shop owner and fitness addict), who both have healthy outlooks about daily fitness.

Yoga - I've definitely slowed down on my yoga, but I try to do my own yoga moves throughout the day. A lot are easy stretching workouts when I feel a little tight from my runs or workouts. However, I used to do the Yoga by Adriene videos on Youtube regularly, so if I need an actual workout, I check out her channel.

Walking - If you have a dog then you have the best excuse to get out of the house and walk! I normally go out daily with Wilson and do a lap around our neighborhood, or the park near our house. It's a great way for him to get some exercise and for you to stretch your legs after working from home all day. Make sure to stay a safe distance from everyone you see!

Rolling - This one is not technically considered  a "workout" but I definitely feel like it is sometimes. I have been rolling more to ease my muscles due to the running streak and the IG workouts. When your body is sore, it can be very beneficial to roll your muscles to help them recover. If you have never rolled, then this might not seem like a workout, but when you're on the floor balancing your body in a certain way you activate certain muscles and this can really strengthen them. Make sure to go slow and take it easy.

No one is really expecting anyone to workout during this time, as it can be a really emotional and stressful time for many, but working out can really help with stress. So if you try doing any of the above, or just meditate when you have a moment, your body will appreciate any movements. I don't necessarily do all of these daily because that can really be physically exhausting for your body, but if I feel like my body is not tired, I do a few because I truly enjoy them and they make me feel better.

Have you been working out during this time? What are your favorite workouts to do?
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