My Daily Work Day Apple Watch Watchface

Watch: Apple Watch series 4
Watchface Type: Infograph
Frequency of use: Mon-Fri, work hours usually 


I work from home everyday, so one of the main reasons I got my Apple Watch was for easy access to information without going to my phone. After trying many different faces, I have created the perfect watch face for the needs I have throughout my working day. I often will keep my phone away from me when I work, and my watch gives me exactly what I normally would check on my phone, without all the fuss of unlocking it, opening apps, and waiting for that info to populate. I like to switch my watch faces, but this one is the one I use like 75% of the time. 

I know there are a lot of people working from right now due to COVID-19, and are looking for ways to stay organized. If you have an Apple Watch here are some useful complications for your watch to keep you motivated and make the best use of your watch during this time at home!

Complications (starting from inside, clockwise):

Clock - A basic analog in the middle of the watch face, that I barely use since during work hours, since I work in EST time zone for work instead CDT. So I usually go by my work computer. But time is there, in case I need it.

Activity - I constantly check my circles during the day, especially the Stand. If you add the activity to that middle complication, it will give you the circles and also list it quantitatively. I prefer viewing both the number and the circles to keep me motivated. 

Weather Temp - I like to have the weather in numbers because it honestly gives me more info than the other weather one with the description icon. I also like how this one shows the low and the high for the day. 

Workout - right in the center to make sure it’s available if I need it at any time during my day! I sometimes do workouts at lunch or right after work. 

Rain - It’s useful to know if it’s going to rain. I often close my window curtains in my home office(since the light is too bright) which makes me completely oblivious to rain outside. Useful for walks with Wilson and planning runs. 

Reminders - a new one I added recently, but if you start to use it, it becomes really useful to complete tasks. I added it for work related things, but sometimes use it for chores or to-do. Shows if something is due or overdue. 

Sunrise/Sunset - more useful in the winter, but good to know how much daylight will be left that day to plan my afternoon. 

Battery - useful and needed when you constantly wear your watch! Can’t be bothered to swipe up to look for this. 

Timer - best for last! My most used complication. My work is very timed in every aspect, so my breaks and lunches are timed. Before having my watch, I used to use my phone and had to carry it around. Now, I just set the timer for the time I need (it will save up to 3 frequently used timers) and I don’t need to take my phone. 

I love talking about my Apple Watch because I think it's such a powerful little device. I hope this was useful and that at least one of the above uses was helpful. If you have any other requests for watch related posts, let me know below. Stay safe everyone! 


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