Opalhouse Top Picks

I know I'm not the only one that loves a good Target collection. So I figured I'd make a list of the latest home collection from Target, called Opalhouse. Not going to lie, I was not attracted to it from the initial advertisement. Then one day I decided to check it out, just in case, and found there were some non-colorful pieces that actually really attracted me. As you know super colorful home decor is not my style, and this line with it's very Anthropologie-looking pieces was a bit more color than I'm used to. So I put together some items that I could easily add to my home that are more on the neutral side.

The main mini collection within Opalhouse that caught my eye was the very black and white Mallorca collection. Although this new brand is advertising to decorate with pattern upon pattern, my motto for decor is the opposite of this. A couple of prints here and there but definitely not pattern on pattern. So here are my top picks from the collection as well as some tips on how to incorporate it to what you already own.


Rattan! That has been the word of year in terms of indoor home furnitures for me. I don't know what it is, but I love the beautiful woody color and how it can make a room instantly feel cozier. Target has done it again and given us some affordable pieces that are similar to some very pricey alternatives that are pretty popular. The best piece in terms of furniture in this collection is this rattan fan chair, which is pretty comparable to this one I pinned. I mean I could literally do a whole post for my love for natural colored chairs. They also have some other collections which includes the Minsmere Caned set that is very wicker-looking, and the Touraco set that has a similar feel to our West Elm console. I also included another rattan black side table and natural plant holder from the same set (since they both come in the same colors), because I really like both and wanted to show how either can work for you.


Adding the right touches to your home is a perfect way to make a room feel new and exciting again. One of the first pieces I liked from Opalhouse was this striped rug. I wanted to set it by our sliding door so Wilson could lay there and watch outside. It's a bath rug though, but who really cares if it works where you want it to? I also considered this white rug as well! As for more decor-type pieces, this Mallorca wall art is so different yet intriguing to me that I had to add it. It can be a great accent piece by an entryway or anywhere really! Then came the little white dotted wood box, which was another love at first sight item. I can find a million uses for it anywhere in the house. Lastly, we have yet to add accent lamps to pretty much all of our rooms that need them, but I really like this cream one and this beautiful palm leaves one. They are both fairly simple and not too crazy that they would fit perfectly in our living room.


As I mentioned many times, the items that absolutely caught my eye are the Mallorca collection. However, too much pattern can make it feel very ovewhelming so I found the perfect set for my black and white lovers. This black border bed sheets set has just enough going on to be the perfect in between for the Mallorca-loving peeps that don't want to commit to all the patterns. Of course, I also found this simple embroidered white set with just some very small details. Continuing with the black accents, there were these two floor pillows, a simple black velvet and a  patterned one! I've been wanting a floor pillow for our living and either of these would be perfectly. I felt like I needed to include at least one of the shower curtains, and this one has tassels!


Although there were some fun colors to choose from, none of the kitchen items caught my eye, until I noticed they all included clear ones. The clear cups in particular are my favorites because on their own they remind me of see-through Diptyque candles. Right? They have many beautiful trays but I liked this one that had some black accents to it. I also found this giraffe jar, which hear me out - I would actually use it as decor. I think it would be really good on a shelf as an accent piece, or in a safari-themed nursery! Also, randomly found this picnic basket and it really spoke to me with it's utensil holders, and I had to share it. Lastly, if you really like Mallorca items but don't want to commit to anything then why not pick up this patterned mug? Adorable!


So what did you think of Opalhouse from my perspective? If you were undecided and overwelmbed about the brand because of the bright colors and patterns, did this help? I found that this actually made me fall in love with the collection even more. Let me know if you plan on getting any of these pieces!

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