10K Race, ZZ Plant Update & More

Happy May everyone! I'm currently still sick(for the third time this year) as I'm typing this, but I knew I had to write this. Sill not sure what this post in general will be about, but we'll find out. Since I've been very stuffy lately and really itching to create content (mainly Youtube videos), I decided to head over here and just chat to whoever wants to read.

First, let's talk about my beautiful ZZ plant up there! I've been holding on to this photo, and wanted to share it because I'm such a proud plant momma (lol, yeah I said that). I have become such a plant lady since we moved to our own place. We currently have about five, and the number keeps growing anytime I go to a place that sells plants. But my ZZ (Zanzibar) plant is by far my favorite plant so far. It was the first one I got for our home, and it was so tiny compared to how tall it is lately! I love watching it grow since it's such an easy plant to take care of. I would really love to do a whole post or video just about my plants, but I'll spare you from that for a bit.

April was such a good month for me overall. If you missed it over on my Instagram - John and I completed our first 10k together! I would post a photo of us but I have the worst after-race photos ever! Back in 2014, while I was still in college, we did a 5k - just for fun really since it was on Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, this 10k was technically also "just for fun". John signed us up with zero training just 2 weeks before the race since his coworkers also decided to randomly sign up. I actually got very focused on prepping for it since I'm not entirely fit compared to my active soccer playing boyfriend. So I primed 2-day shipped an arm band for my phone to get some music for my runs, and started running every other day. I love running and it's by far one of my favorite fitness-related activities, so this was the push I needed to get back into it. Long story short (or for another blog post), we completed the race and I was very proud of myself. I definitely improved from my 5k, but it was not the best I could probably do, so now I'm looking to bring running back into my routine, and maybe sign up for a half marathon in the Fall or Spring.

I also accomplished a pretty important life goal of mine in April, that hopefully I will chat more about it when I completely fulfill the other half of that goal. As for life general, it has been really nice to have some warmer days now since even in April we had some snow days. But I've been really looking forward to Spring/Summer here in Chicago and hopefully taking advantage of the many fun things to do here.

I'll end this for now since I've been coughing up a storm this whole time. I will try to post new videos as soon as I'm not so nasally and stuffy, since no one wants to hear me like that.

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