Current Home Decor Favorites

For a while now, I have been scavenging the web and stores for lots of decor ideas for pretty much every type of room. From the kitchen and bedrooms, to the garage and front porch. Now that we have a place of our own I've been wanting to do these type of posts to keep track of my ideas and share them in case others are looking for similar styles.

1. Black Marble Mirror 

Although I've had my eye on some other mirrors, this one might be the ideal one for someone else. It's so beautiful and simple that somehow it always catches my eye everytime I'm on the Target site, so I just had to mention it on this post. I think the marble and black together are very complimentary and I like how the mirror can be rotated around.

2. Modern Artwork 

West Elm has the best wall art! I've added a few to my list but have yet to decide on any. This one would be my safest option, but yet the classiest one that I would not get tired of. If that one is a little too dark, maybe this lighter one might be more your style.

3. Spotted Bin

I look at this laundry bin, and it screams me. I have been into polka dots for many years, but lately these clusters of dots are more my style. If your home style is very neutral than this can be the perfect pattern to add to make everything come together. I also like this striped one too!

4. Lamp

Oh, this lamp! This is a piece I have been absolutely in love with. I've seen it around the web for  while and have been saving a special place for it in the office.  It's a pricey little thing, but I love the design so much. Here is option no.2 (in black as well) also by Louis Poulsen, because all his stuff is beautiful!

5. Zebra Tea Towel

Oddball item of the group, for sure. Now, you'll say, "Isabel, what are these zebras doing here?" -  well, I don't know what it is about them, but I will tell you they will be on my next H&M home decor order (and maybe these, if they stock them in black). I love that it has black and white, and who doesn't love zebras!?

6. Coat Rack

Another absolute love! The lamp above, and this item are my top two splurge home items if I could justify them right now. But gosh, I know it looks boring and simple, but here is an inspo photo to convince you. They do have some other colors. But I can't get enough of this black one!

7. Silver Throw Pillow

This silken wool pillow is so dreamy. First of all, it comes in other colors (if silver is not your thing). The cool thing about these pillows are that they have outlines of a different color, which is a very beautiful touch. So you can easily get your favorite decor colors all in one pillow.

8. Black Clock

I'm thinking ahead for our kitchen reno, but I have been eyeing simple black clocks for a while. I plan to keep the kitchen color close to a white, so this clock would look perfect with the walls and wood cabinets. This one is another very simple option!

9. Black Metal Planter

Black metal planters are my favorite at the moment. They would look so perfect with a wooden furniture or all white one too, and pretty much with any type of plant. It's the perfect elegant and modern planter. Plus, the planter and stand are two separate pieces, so you can use them with different stands, or planters. I know, mind-blowing!

Design is a very personal thing, so if you like any of these, don't think you have to have the exact items, same color scheme or all of these together in one room to make them work. These were just some of the things that have caught my eye and even my own style is constantly changing. So let know if any of these interest you, and if you would like to see more of these types of posts. :)


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