Universal Thread: First Impressions + Try On

A couple of weeks back I read about Target launching Universal Thread and I was really excited. Mostly because the line looked very similar to a lot of the styles I already shop for (in stores that are not Target). But fast forward to today, and the day has come. So since I've been eyeing the line for a while, I wanted to give you my thoughts on the items I would probably, and will, be buying from this line.

I decided that the best way to get my thoughts on the line was to go ahead and try some of the items out. So on the release day of the line, February 4th, I took a trip to Target. Here are some of the looks I went for.


striped top | skinny jeans | sandals


This shirt was so pretty on. I can picture it with jeans, shorts or tucked into other bottoms. It fit nicely as my slight smile can tell you. Love the color!

These jeans are AMAZING! Starting my try-on with a bang because these were my favorite pair of the night. I got the size 10 in short and they fit like a glove. The black color was nice and rich (until I probably wish them a handful of times lol).

black cardigan |  cropped gray skinny


I'm a cardigan girl and immediately gravitated towards this black one when I saw it. It was a little thick but still fit nicely. It had nice pockets and looked great with the striped t-shirt.

I've been looking for some nice gray jeans, and these my friend, were not it. I don't understand the distressed part at the bottom, but I still gave them a shot. I think they fit fine, but I was so distracted with my foot getting stuck in the distressed part when putting them on, that I forgot anything else about them. haha

curvy jeansstriped t-shirt


Nope, not for me. I did not like these at all. I was so excited about the "curvy" styles of jeans they were releasing, since I rarely find normal jeans (non-stretch) that fit me. I'm curvier at the hips and slimmer at down my legs, so if the jean has no stretch then I ain't fitting. But these fit nice at the hips (a little lose honestly) but these are length size "short", guys.. Can you see the bulking of extra fabric at the bottom? I just don't understand it. 

However, totally for curvy sizes! I will give them a chance some other time. Thanks Target for thinking of everyone!

light denim jacket


So I had high expectations for this line, since they have so many cute things I would wear at very affordable prices. I didn't go in thinking I would find the perfect denim jacket, but here we are. It was love at first try-on. I would have totally passed on them on a normal day, but I'm so glad I try this denim jacket on. It fit perfect. It has a bit of a stretch which was perfect since I always think of being tight and uncomfortable when I think of jean jackets.

dark denim jacket | jeggings


Ok, so I didn't get this one, but as I keep seeing photos I took, chances are very high for me going back for it. I think they look great with these.. jeggings. Yes, you read that correctly! Another item that was absolutely perfect. The jeggings were in the "short" size and fit perfectly for my height. They have decorative pockets in the front, and real ones in the back. But oh my, look at that color! It was beautiful. I can't wait to get lots of uses out of it.

crew neck t-shirt


The t-shirts in this line deserve a picture to themselves because they're pretty great. They have nice neutral colors and patterns and fit great. I loved the striped t-shirt from earlier, but loved this one more. I already own gray t-shirts, but I loved how high this one went.  They did not have my size, Medium, so I tried Large just 'cause, and looks pretty perfect! I can see myself using this one a lot. I'm also pretty picky with my gray t-shirts as sometimes the graininess on the pattern is too much, but this one was just right. As you can see it looks very nice slightly tucked into jeans (or leggings in this case), or with a denim jacket (pictured above).



This was one of those items that I really wanted to find. I can get some good use out of it now since it's still pretty cold here, and would look great year-round. They had some other colors but I'm feeling pretty black, gray and white these day. So white one, was absolutely perfect and will work with everything else I got. Also, not pictured here, but I did try this on with one of the denim jackets and it was light enough to be good with them too! So I would totally recommend it for everyday.

long sleeve shirt


Best for last! Well, best in my eyes. My best friend and I have been looking for simple white buttoned down shirts, and this might be a good affordable find. I was wearing a black bra (bad planning on my part), but you can't even tell. It was nice and lose and still perfect to wear with any outfit it calls for. Obviously not like Jcrew quality, but pretty great basic piece to have for all occasions.


This new Target release lived up, and surpassed my expectations. I was so impressed with their range in sizes, colors, pattern, quality and styles. The best part guys, they have so many sizes for plus size ladies - up to size 26. That includes them in short, regular and long! I'm so impressed. I really hope that if you are looking for new jeans or nice basic everyday pieces, then you check out this line. I am definitely a fan and recommend them.

Size reference from try-on:

Tops: Medium (all but gray t-shirt, which was Large since they were out of anything smaller than that)
Bottoms: Size 10, Short


If you share the same type of style as me, then here are some of my top picks from the line: 

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