A New Start

It feels good to write here again. I started this blog almost 8 years ago. It has been so many different things over the years, which I'm happy about, but sometimes it's good to start over. If you've been here before and have seen my posts over the years, then you may notice that well - they're all gone. Publicly they are, but they still live in my archives.

I've changed a lot since starting my little space on the internet. In fact, I was in high school then, as the story goes, and was watching Julie and Julia. Amy Adam's (love her!) character starts a cooking blog to document her journey cooking Julia Child's recipes. Although my blog was never suppose to be about cooking, I got my inspiration to have my own little nook on the internet from that. However, I have been blogging since the AOL days, where I had a "homepage" and private "diaries", hence the diaries in my blog's name (and a homage to The Princess Diaries).You can guess where the "belle" part came from. ;) Plus being an only child, talking to myself is kind of therapeutic for me.  

For those that are new - welcome! My name is Isabel, I live in Chicago with my boyfriend and our dog. We recently moved here and have been together now for half a decade. I've shared a lot of my life on the Internet for many, many, years and would like to continue doing so, but with a bit more organization and look that feels like my own. I am naturally a creative person and have always liked to create and try different things and styles. So over the year, my blog has been lost in translation in comparison with my styles. So now, that I'm entering my late 20s, I hope to have a more mature and uniformed look online and offline. 

The Belle Diaries is one of my favorite places online, purely because it's my diary. I hope to share more thoughts, photos, tips, and stories on here, and hopefully interact with others that share my same interests. If you've read this far, then I hope to see you again for more chats.

See you soon!

If you're new, don't be shy, and say hi below! :)

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